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Gates of Babylon (1CD)

Band: Majesty
Title: Gates of Babylon
Date: L'amours, Brooklyn, NY & Stage Door, Deer Park, NY
Lineage: Silver CD > .shn
Taper/Bootleger Notes:

This is the bootleg has only known two Majesty - Chris Collins-era recordings. Sep. 25 one is included on "No Sleep Since Brooklyn/Instrumental III" bootleg as well but you can listen to Oct. 25 show only with this title (of course there were analog tape copy of this recording before released this bootleg, though).

Majesty played five songs from "Majesty Demo" and also played old 'Cly for Freedom' and new songs 'Afterlife' and 'Ytsejam', which will include on Dream Theater's 1st album on later. Also they played 'Gates of Babylon", RAINBOW cover on Sep. 25 gig.

The sound quality are very similar with each other and not excellent. Seems sourced not so low gen. tape but also not bad quality because of nice remaster work.

My Notes/Historical Notes:
Track List:
Tracks 1-6: Sep. 25, 1986 @ L'amours, Brocklyn, NY
Tracks 7-13: Oct. 25, 1986 @ Stage Door, Deer Park, NY

01. Another Won
02. Cry for Freedom 03. Gates of Babylon (RAINBOW)
04. Your Majesty
05. March of the Tyrant
06. Afterlife
07. Afterlife
08. Another Won
09. Cry for Freedom
10. Your Majesty
11. Vital Star
12. Ytsejam
13. March of the Tyrant

Artwork: Gates of Babylon Artwork