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09-02-2004 - New York State Fair - Syracuse, New York (1CD)

Band: Dream Theater
Tour: Train of Thought - Summer 2004 American Tour
Date: 09-02-2004
Venue: New York State Fair
City/Region/Country: Syracuse, NY
Lineage: Core Sound Binaurals > Sharp MD-MT190 > Flac
Taper/Bootleger Notes: This is the complete set - DT was opening for YES on this tour. Recorded from the 4th row...sound is very good for minidisc stealth. *note -there is a dropout on the master md during track 5*
My Notes/Historical Notes: Track List:
About to Crash
Learning to Live
Machine Messiah
Trial of Tears
Stream of Consciousness
The Spirit Carries On
Solitary Shell
About to Crash (reprise)
Losing Time