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08-23-2005 - Gigantour - Jones Beach Theater - Wanatagh, New York (2CD)

Band: Dream Theater
Tour: igantour
Date: August 23rd, 2005
Venue: Jones Beach Theater
City/Region/Country: Wanatagh, New York
Lineage: Core Sound Binaurals> Archos Gmini 120> USB> Wave Lab> CD Wave> Flac Frontend > Nero
Taper/Bootleger Notes:
It seems that each and every Dream Theater show on Long Island, the band's home base, features something special that no other show will have. The Gigantour stop at Jones Beach was no exception. After blasting through a set that included such classics as "The Glass Prison" (perhaps the band's best set opener), "Lie" and "Home" and new tracks "Panic Attack" and "Never Enough," the band gave way to Mike Portnoy and the "Albino Monster," his massive drum kit. But this was not going to be a classic Portnoy drum solo. After bashing away for a minute or so, Portnoy welcomed a special guest to the stage, Howard Stern lackey Richard Christy, who's no stranger to a drum kit. Before he became the new pervert in the morning, Christy played drums for metal stalwarts Death and Iced Earth. With Portnoy on one side, and Christy on the other, the duo began a drum duel of metallic proportions, trading off drums parts of classic rock songs by Aerosmith, Twisted Sister, Queen and Led Zeppelin. Then, guitarist John Petrucci joined in on the fun and added guitar to the rest of the classic rock/metal battle, starting with Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher." The drum duet ended with some more rhythmic bashing and Christy left the stage only to return to the realm of naked lesbians and Beetlejuice the next morning. Dream Theater returned to the stage and wrapped up the set with scorching versions of "A Fortune In Lies," "As I Am" and the encore medley of "Pull Me Under/Metropolis Part I." Just another historic Dream Theater concert on "Strong Island."
My Notes/Historical Notes:
Track List:
Disc 1:
1. The Glass Prison
2. Panic Attack
3. Just Let Me Breathe
4. Lie
5. Never Enough
6. Home
7. Drum Duet with Richard Christy, and John Petrucci on guitar. Including excerpts from:
Walk This Way
We're Not Gonna Take It
The Crunge
Welcome Home
We Will Rock You
Hot for Teacher
Run to the Hills
Where Eagles Dare
Raining Blood
8. A Fortune in Lies
9. As I Am

Disc 2:
1. Pull Me Under
2. Metropolis
Artwork: 08-23-2005_booklet.jpg, 08-23-2005_tray.jpg