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07-31-1999 - Dreams Of Pouring Rain - Triport '99 Rock Festival - Seoul, Korea (1CD)

Band: Dream Theater
Title: Dreams of Pouring Rain
Date: July 31st, 1999
Venue: Inchon (Triport '99 Rock Festival)
City/Region/Country: Seoul, Korea
Lineage: CDR
Taper/Bootleger Notes:
My Notes/Historical Notes: This was the first show Jordan Rudess played in the band as an official member of Dream Theater. This also was the first rock festival ever in Korea so the turnout was huge. (Despite the venue being affected by terrible weather courtesy of a typhoon!) The rain didn't stop except for the hour the band played. Once Deep Purple hit the stage they got poured on!
Track List:
1. Metropolis Part 1
2. Puppies On Acid
3. Just Let Me Breathe
4. Hollow Years
5. Caught In A Web
6. Peruvian Skies
7. Another Day
8. Pull Me Under