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06-22-1998 - Nighttown Nostalgia - Nighttown - Rotterdam, Netherlands (2CD)

Band: Dream Theater
Title: Nighttown Nostalgia
Tour: Touring Into Infinity - Third European Leg
Date: June 6th, 1998
Venue: Nighttown
City/Region/Country: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Lineage: .shn > CDR Taper/Bootleger Notes: This is Dream Theater's "Unplugged" fan club performance in Rotterdam, Holland. The source of this recording is phenomenal, it is definately on of the better audience recordings I have heard. I know many people have been fooled into thinking that this bootleg is from a soundboard source. That is how good this recording is. It's definately on of the "must have" Dream Theater bootlegs because the set list features a wide variety of covers and rare b-sides that rarely see the light of day in a normal Dream Theater Set.
My Notes/Historical Notes: Track List:
Disc 1:
1. Introduction
2. Speak To Me
3. Lifting Shadows Off A Dream
4. Hey You
5. The Silent Man (Take 1)
6. To Live Forver
7. Cover My Eyes
8. Another Day
9. Take Away My Pain
10. Wait For Sleep
11. Mean Streets
12. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
13. Eve

Disc 2:
1. Anna Lee
2. Carpe Diem
3. Hollow Years
4. Paradigm Shift
5. The Way It Used To Be
6. Bad
7. Peruvian Skies
8. The Silent Man (Take 2)
9. Trial of Tears