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06-09-1990 - Sundance - Long Island, New York (1CD)

Band: Dream Theater
Date: June, 9th, 1990
City/Region/Country: Long Island, New York
Lineage: CD-R > EAC > SHN
Taper/Bootleger Notes:
After 3 instrumental tracks Mike introduced Steve Stone, who sang the remaining 3 songs. Steve was fired after this show due to his poor performance. Creep With Tonality was the working title for Learning to Live. While this show is very poor quality, it is the only known recording of this show, which was Steve Stone's only show with Dream Theater.
My Notes/Historical Notes:
Track List:
Instrumental Creep With Tonality (aka Learning to Live) Ytsejam A Change of Seasons Metropolis Part I A Fortune in Lies The Killing Hand
Artwork: dt_1990_06_09.jpg