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06-30-1992 - Spark's Theater - Long Island, New York (1CD)

Band: Dream Theater
Date: June 3rd, 1992
Venue: Spark's Theater
City/Region/Country: Long Island, New York
Lineage: CD-R > EAC > SHN
Taper/Bootleger Notes:
This was the second show ever with James LaBrie as the lead singer of the band. The first one wasn't taped by a bootlegger, or then it's not circulating even amongst the very hardcore collectors/traders. This was a warmup show before opening for Iron Maiden on 9.6.1992

My Notes/Historical Notes:
Track List:
Pull Me Under
Under a Glass Moon
Metropolis Part I
A Fortune in Lies
Learning to Live

Artwork: 06-03-1992.rar