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04-03-2004 - Train of Thought World Tour - Madison Square Garden Theater - Ny, New York (3CD)

Band: Dream Theater
Tour: Train of Thought World Tour - North American Leg
Date: April 3rd, 2004
Venue:Madison Square Garden Theater
City/Region/Country: New York, New York
Lineage: B&K custom cardiod mics>Sony M1 DAT with custom mic preamp DAT xfer through Tascam DA60>Yamaha O3D mixer for balancing and initial bass roll off>Audigy2 Platinum > FLAC > Nero
Taper/Bootleger Notes:
Recording position was 18th row dead center. The stereo imaging is spectacular. The overall rating for this show is 9+, for the purists in the group the guy next to me was on and off singing and a little talking which would take the rating to a 7. It's not horrendous but it is there, just so you know.

On a personal note, of all the shows I have attended and heard from CD on this tour the band and audience were connected as one. I hadn't heard such passion on the whole tour, in simple terms the band was on fire.
My Notes/Historical Notes: Track List:
Disc 1: 75:27
1. As I Am 7:33
2. This Dying Soul 12:15
3. Beyond This Life 20:24
4. Hollow Years 10:05
5. The Great Debate 13:35
6. Endless Sacrifice 11:36

Disc 2: 73:42
1. Another Day 5:22
2. Trial Of Tears 14:16
3. A Change Of Seasons 23:47
4. Keyboard Solo 6:13
5. Caught In A Web (w/drum solo & audience participation) 14:12
6. Honor Thy Father 9:52

Disc 3: 44:42
1. Vacant 3:46
2. Stream Of Consciousness 11:16
3. Disappear 5:49
4. Pull Me Under 8:34
5. In The Name Of God 15:17