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01-31-1995 - Uncovered - Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club - London England (2CD)

Band: Dream Theater
Title: Uncovered
Date: January 31st, 1995
Venue: Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club
City/Region/Country: London, England
Lineage: Silver CD> Easy CD-DA Extractor> MKW> SHN
Taper/Bootleger Notes:
My Notes/Historical Notes: The famous cover show.
Track List:
Disc 1:
1. Funeral for a Friend/ Love Lies Bleeding
2. Perfect Strangers
3. Red Hill Mining Town
4. The Rover/Achilles' Last Stand/The Song Remains the Same
5. Tears
6. Damage, Inc. (w/ B. Greenway)
7. Happiness is a Warm Gun (w/ Hogarth and Rothery)
8. Easter (w/ Hogarth and Rothery)
9. Winter
10.In the Dead of the Night

Disc 2:
1. Machine Messiah/Heart of the Sunrise/Closer to the Edge/Siberian Khatru/Starship Trooper
2. In the Flesh/Carry on Wayward Son/Bohemian Rhapsody/Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' Cruise Control/Turn It on Again

Bonus Material:
3. Space-Dye Vest *
4. Carry That Weight **
5. Golden Slumbers **
6. Don't Look Past Me **
7. To Live Forever (w/ C. Dominici) +
8. Mission Impossible ***
9. Indulge in Reverie ****
10. A Late Summer's Rain/Schizophrenia ****
Artwork: dt_Uncovered.zip

* Kevin Moore demo [KM vox and piano]
** 1st Majesty Demo 1987 w/ Chris Collins on vox
*** John Petrucci demo 1994
**** John Petrucci - Flexi disc from Guitar Player magazine
+ 1993 demo